Daily Archives: September 15, 2010

Christmas dinner

Yes, I know, it’s only September, and I apologise.

However. We are having everyone (outlaws and other assorted people) to ours for Christmas day. Being me, I want to get organised and, more importantly, start thinking about the things that I can do and buy well in advance so I don’t feel like it all hits me in one lump. (Both expenditure-wise and work-wise).

I’m planning to do roast beef rather than turkey, mainly because I don’t like turkey much, but also because I have never cooked turkey before and don’t want to do it for the first time when I’m cooking for 6 on Christmas Day. Which leaves us with the question of accompaniments. Other than (obviously) roast potatoes and yorkshire pudding, what would you put with beef? If it was just an ordinary Sunday lunch I’d probably just do a couple of different veg. So, what else do we have which makes it more than an ordinary lunch…. all suggestions welcome.

Also, on the subject of getting things done in advance, this weekend it’s our local food festival and I’m thinking maybe I could get the meat for the meal there. That would mean three months plus in the freezer – I can’t remember if that’s too long! (Usually I buy meat for specific meals and use it quickly, it doesn’t usually languish in the freezer for long and I can’t remember how long it would last…)

I’m sorry, I know I’m being awful, thinking about this now, but I am well aware that the last few weeks before christmas will be full of school and church activities. I need to think and make lists at this point so I feel a bit more on top of it.

Also, I should mention that although this post might come across as a bit stressed or panicky about it, I am really looking forward to having everyone here this year. Since having the conservatory built, we have room for everyone without it being ridiculous, and it will be lots of fun!