Groover’s tiny tale

Groover sat down at the computer yesterday and announced he was going to write a story. And here it is. For the benefit of those of you not used to the spelling of english words by children taught in welsh, I will provide a translation afterwards!

wons ypon y taeem dde wos y cween and y weech and ceen preens focs rabbeet cheetty

“once upon a time there was a queen and a witch and queen prince fox rabbit cheetah”

It gets a bit stream of consciousness towards the end, but I liked it!

5 thoughts on “Groover’s tiny tale

  1. I know. I’m planning to ignore it and let school deal with it when he starts doing english….

  2. It looks a bit Chaucerian… you should let him read The Canterbury Tales in Middle English. He’d probably get it.

  3. it’s fabulous 🙂

    (and I’m quite chuffed to say that even without learning welsh, I was able to read it phonetically, and guess, so Benjamin must have been teaching me a bit!!)

    I initially thought, Groover reading and writing ?!?! and then remembered he and B are the same age so of course, why not? trouble is, last time I saw you all properly was that time at Caswell, so in my head he’s whatever we were then – 3 1/2ish?? gah, it’s been FAR too long.


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