Monthly Archives: August 2010


Saw my mum a while ago, and gave her the little book I showed you a few posts ago. She really likes it, but it obviously made her think back to the incident concerned. (Which was that when I was about 5 I took her button box to the sandpit, where I was making sand christmas puddings. I needed the buttons to function as the dried fruit.) So her reaction was pretty much as follows:
“Gosh, thank you, that is beautiful. How did you make it? …. Oooh, I was cross with you.”

This rendered me helpless with laughter for some time.

Groover’s tiny tale

Groover sat down at the computer yesterday and announced he was going to write a story. And here it is. For the benefit of those of you not used to the spelling of english words by children taught in welsh, I will provide a translation afterwards!

wons ypon y taeem dde wos y cween and y weech and ceen preens focs rabbeet cheetty

“once upon a time there was a queen and a witch and queen prince fox rabbit cheetah”

It gets a bit stream of consciousness towards the end, but I liked it!