A tiny groover tale

(Warning: contains cuteness.)

This evening, after his bath, I told Groover it was time to get ready for bed.
Him: No! Let’s play doctors.
Me: Um, okay.
Him: (fetching piece of paper and pencil) So how is Ginger?
Me: She’s fine. She was very poorly a long time ago and had to be in hospital a lot, but now she is feeling much better and is very happy.
Him: (writes “Hapee” on paper). And how was she feeling today at the doctor’s?
Me: She was feeling good. She wasn’t at the doctor because she was poorly, they just wanted to see her. She enjoyed playing with the toys and the ladies who saw her were very pleased with her.
Him: (writes “Play” on paper). And how is she getting on with playing?
Me: Very well. She loves playing.
Him: (writes “veRy God” on paper). That’s good. Thank you for bringing her to see me.
Me: That’s quite all right. And now, Dr Naked, please put your pyjamas on!

4 thoughts on “A tiny groover tale

  1. Too cute for words. Particularly glad that Dr Groover is so pleased with the evident progress that Ginger is making! Does he have a doctor’s set as well?

    (though how can he be old enough to be writing?)

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