flea market

I was at the flea market in town today, looking at the fleas, when I decided to browse through the stall of old postcards – always handy for art projects etc. Found just one of the village where Big Sister lives, which I snapped up as I’ve promised Groover we’ll make a scrap book type thing when we visit later in the summer. Not a wildly interesting shot – slightly bizarrely of the street rather than the beach (?!) -but you can recognise where it is and see how it’s changed.

Later, over lunch, I flipped it over to have a look at the stamp, and the date. Sent in 1905. The sender’s address?

My sister’s house.

5 thoughts on “flea market

  1. That is spooky! You simply must frame it – so that it somehow shows both sides – the picture and the address. Such a coincidence.

  2. why did the sender put their address on a postcard? That’s odd in itself.
    Bring it with you next time you come, I’ve got copies of our deeds somewhere, we should be able to match it with one of the previous owners – unless they were guests of course.
    Good to see you posting back here again.

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